At the end of the Apply section is an online form for you to fill out.
Entry fee: € 50.
Before you fill out the form you must first pay the fee to the following account:

Name: Gegen den Strom Festival an der Lahn e.V.

Bank name: Nassauische Sparkasse (the short version of the bank name is NASPA)

Bank address: Schloss Str. 2, 56377 Nassau

Account Number:
DE38 5105 0015 0563 2476 42


President of Festival Gegen den Strom is: Diethelm Gresch

Festival address: Hauptstr. 37, 56357 Nochern

Festival Tel: +49 6771 599328

Please ensure that you put your name in the notes/description of your payment. Also, please ensure to acquire proof of payment as a pdf after your fee is paid, such as a pay slip or a receipt. (YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROGRESS IN YOUR APPLICATION WITHOUT THIS EVIDENCE!)

Fill out all fields carefully and correctly. You must upload a photo portrait of yourself as a jpg/png and a short biography in PDF form. Please name all files with your name and day or date of birth to ensure that the names of your files are unique.

You must upload your video to youtube and then embed the video to this website (below). Please ensure to follow the instructions carefully!

Important Update:
The following instructions ONLY WORK ON THE DESKTOP VERSION of youtube. Either use your desktop/laptop or request the desktop version of youtube on your phone.

How to embed a video:
1. Go to the YouTube video you want to embed (the page where it actually plays).
2. Under the video, click SHARE.

3. From the box that appears click Embed.

4. From the box that appears, click the copy button on the bottom right. The code you should be pasting starts like this: iframe

5. Paste the code into the field marked Link of Video.

6. When entering your biography, please bear in mind that if you add your contact information, it will be visible to all members of the audience. You may choose to do so, but the organiser of the competition and administrator of this site bear no responsibility for possible negative consequences. We strongly urge you not to include your contact info on your biography. You may include your website if you wish, of course.

Please carefully follow all these steps to ensure a smooth upload of your application.

By clicking submit:
You agree to our terms and conditions.
You automatically give consent for your personal data to be processed.
You state responsibly that the receipt of payment you will provide is genuine.
Good Luck!!