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Τhe Jacques Offenbach Grand Prix is a new initiative by the Festival Gegen den Strom in Bad Ems. This international online singing competition puts Jacques Offenbach in the spotlight and creates a new platform for professional singers where they can present themselves and connect to opera companies and festivals. Singers from all over the world will compete with a variety of repertoire, including some mandatory repertoire by the composer, for a chance to win monetary prizes as well as to partake in future productions and masterclasses. What makes this event special and unique, is that the audience will be given a voice in the result, as the audience's vote will count like a judge's vote.

Grand Prix and International Summer Opera Academy:

The Jacques Offenbach Grand Prix is supposed to connect directly to the International Summer Opera Academy - also a new project by Festival Gegen den Strom that was scheduled to start in the summer of 2021. All winners of the Grand Prix would be hired as soloists in the final operatic production of Jacques Offenbach's opera Tales of Hoffmann which would also include students of the Academy for minor roles and ensemble, but due to the pandemic, the Academy had to be cancelled. This year's Grand Prix will take place online and the winners will be considered for future productions of the Festival Gegen den Strom and of the Opera Companies and Festivals the members of this panel represent.

Terms & Conditions:


1.1 The 2021 Grand Prix has one category: Opera/Operetta
1.2 The Grand Prix is open to all opera singers
-of all nationalities
-who are over 18 years old
-who have completed their studies in classical singing
-who have not been students of a member of the panel for at least two years.
1.3 All rounds of the Grand Prix will take place online, due to the restrictions of the Covid19 pandemic.
1.4 All decisions of the jury shall be final.
1.5 All correspondence will be in English.


2.1 Payment and application deadline: 30th April, 2021.
2.2 Applications can only be made on this website. (Go to Apply from Menu.)
2.3 The application will only be processed after the participant has paid the application fee and submitted all required information and documentation correctly.
2.4 Entry fee: € 50.
2.5 Entry fee is payable by bank transfer only.
2.7 Fee is non-refundable.
2.8 Successful participants will have to upload an image of their id or passport after the 2nd Round.


3.1 The 2021 Grand Prix will take place online, due to the Covid19 pandemic.
3.2 All participants will have to send videos no more than 3 years old.
3.3 Quality of resolution and sound of video may affect the panel’s decision.
3.4 Recordings of live performances with audience are acceptable (including with orchestra) and may be edited videos.
Recordings with piano or backing track (Karaoke) without audience are acceptable, provided the video is done in one take (no editing).
If you are recording at home, please dress accordingly.
3.5 All videos of the contestants will be public on the website of the competition, so that the public and judges can vote and comment for all rounds. Please note that your biographies will also be visible to the public, so please refrain from adding sensitive information on your biographies, like contact and address. Please visit the Watch & Vote section from the menu, so you may see how your listing will appear once you've applied.
3.6 The competition will be in three rounds.


4.1 The repertory of this Grand Prix is opera and operetta in the original language only.
4.2 For the 1st Round, participants will have to send one video of an aria of their choice.
4.3 For the 2nd Round participants will have two weeks after the announcement of the results to send one video of a German aria of their choice and one video of an aria from an opera or operetta by Jacques Offenbach.
4.4 For the 3rd Round (final) participants will have to send three videos, each video recorded in one take (one camera) for the competition. The mandatory repertoire for all participants in this round are one aria by Jacques Offenbach (opera or operetta), one French aria of their choice and one Italian aria of their choice. Finalists will be given due notice allowing them two weeks to record the videos.


1st Prize: € 1.500

2nd Prize: € 1.000

3rd Prize: € 500

Together with the prizes, the winners of the Grand Prix will be offered scholarships and possible work opportunities by all members of the panel.


1. Annegret Ritzel
Head of the panel
Stage Director/Intendantin a. D. Dozentin at Otto Falckenberg- Schule (D)

2. Myron Michailidis(GR)
Chief Conductor Erfurt Opera and Erfurt Philharmonic Orchestra, Artistic Director Cultural Conference Center of Heraklion

3. Michael Hofstetter
Conductor (D)

4. Philip Modinos
Tenor/ Pianist/ Director of “Hellenic Opera Co.” (GR)

5. Richard Rittelmann
Baritone/ Artistic Director of “Rosaces Art Productions” (FR)

6. Christian Deliso
Conductor/ Pianist/ Musical Director “Oscar della Lyrica” (I)

7. Giovanni Vitali
Director of Cultural Promotion for Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
Artistic Director of Solo Belcanto Montisi-Montalcino (I)

8. The Public!
The Public will be allowed to vote and affect the outcome of the competition for all rounds. The Public's Vote counts as one judge's vote.

Panel (touch images for info)

Annegret Ritzel

Annegret Ritzel
Stage Director

Myron Michailidis

Myron Michailidis

Michael Hofstetter

Michael Hofstetter

Philip Modinos

Philip Modinos
Hellenic Opera Co

Richard Rittelmann

Richard Rittelmann


Christian Deliso

Christian Deliso


Giovanni Vitali

Giovanni Vitali

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

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